Vota is in beta!

The Smartest Card

Introducing the Visa Card that does everything for you: it collects the data, fills in the blanks, organizes everything, and gets expense reports done, filed, and closed.

Get Vota in Minutes on iPhone & Android:

Open your account in minutes

Create a new account by simply telling us a little about your business.

Real, Complete, Actionable Data

Your insights are only as good as the data you capture. With Vota, you have all the data, from all transactions, from all employees, in 1 place with nothing missing - all automatically categorized and matched to any field you want.

Supercharge Your Existing Bank

Keep your existing bank and add Vota to give you control over issuing cards, setting spending limits, deactivating cards with a single tap, or authorizing a single transaction.

We make issuing and control easy because when everyone can have a card, every penny can be tracked.

Be Done

We tell you what to capture in real-time so once the transaction happens, the expense report is done. Plus we keep after employees to get their receipts in so you don't have to.

Intelligent transactions

See the actual places and websites you spend money at, like "Whole Foods Hollywood" instead of "WHLFDS ST 102".

Feel Secure

Vota is your financial firewall; it works as a buffer between your bank account and the outside world. And with real time notifications nothing happens without you knowing instantly.