Vota is in beta!

Everyone Gets a Card.

Introducing a new kind of Visa card you can give to everyone at your company, from the CEO to the intern.

Get the Vota app:

Be Your Own Bank

Vota puts you in complete control of your company's spending.

Issue cards to employees, set spending limits, or deactivate them with a single tap.

The End of Expense Reports

Vota fills in the blanks and alerts all interested parties in real time. Never create or approve another expense report.

We make it easy

Vota tells users what they need to capture in real-time so your team never has to dig around for receipts.

Swipe directly to QuickBooks

Every transaction appears in QuickBooks instantly. No more copy and paste.

Or, export to Excel and CSV for other accounting packages, if that's your jam.

Vota is FREE!

Vota is a public benefit corporation, meaning we operate for the public good, not like a credit card company.

You spend what you have and we don't charge you onerous fees.

Liability Coverage

You'll notice accidental and fraudulent charges in seconds, thanks to our real-time notifications.

Need to dispute a charge? Our team is standing by to assist.