Vota lets you issue your own Visa cards to employees or contractors. You control them completely (the cards, not the employees). We'll notify you in seconds when any of your cards are used.

You can disable any of your cards from the Vota app with a single tap. Find it again? Turn it back on the same way.

Cards are free, so replacing them is painless.

Vota is designed to be a safer alternative to cash and reimbursements. You fund your "Vota Balance" with electronic bank transfers, and all Vota cards you issue will draw from that shared balance.

You can only spend what you have, so you'll never owe us money.

That said, we are exploring alternatives to "credit" for businesses with very tight cash flow requirements. Reach out to us if this is you.

Vota cards are Visa Commercial cards and work anywhere Visa is accepted.

Simply download the app and sign in with your email. We'll walk you through the rest. It takes about 5-10 minutes to complete setup, and you'll need some basic information about your company, like the legal name and Tax ID.

Because it can be! We make a small percentage of Vota card transactions, and we use this to cover our costs for providing the service. It makes you wonder why all banks don't do this.

Email [email protected] with any support questions.